Shaping the Future with
PASHA Group of Companies


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About the program

Future Shapers is the program organized by PASHA Hub, aiming at spotting top talents from universities, contributing to the development of students / fresh graduates and presenting the group strategy and critical strategic roles of PASHA Holding and its subsidiaries. The program will start with Opening day to be held on May 14 where the leaders of PASHA Holding and its subsidiaries will present the PASHA Group vision, career and development opportunities and PASHA Holding strategy streams, especially newly-emerged roles upon these strategic streams. The program also incorporates ability test to assess English language proficiency level, IQ, EQ, Analytical thinking, and business simulation which will provide 100 students with virtual environment that allows run a company in a group in a risk-free environment.

Application Criteria

  • Students in Azerbaijan;
  • Senior year Bachelor & current Master’s degree and fresh graduates of the year 2020, 2021;
  • Related work experience is preferable;
  • High GPA;
  • Language skills (English and Azerbaijani)
Applications will be reviewed and those who successfully passed the
review will be invited to the Open day event.

Open day agenda




Opening speech by Jalal Gasimov, CEO of PASHA Holding


HR Panel: Aytan Abbasli, PASHA Holding, Joshgun Imanguliyev, PASHA Life Insurance, Asif Sadigov, PASHA Insurance, Fargana Mammadova, Kapital Bank & Zibeyda Hajiyeva, PASHA Bank Azerbaijan




Strategy Panel: Vugar Akhundov, Business Group Manager, Mehti Aslanov, CDO, Farrukh Aliyev, Innovation Lead, Rauf Gulamaliyev, Business Group Manager




Success stories of PASHA Group Employees





Process and timeline

Application period

April 27 - May 6

Open Day

May 14

Ability Test

May 16-20


May 23-27

Ability test

Participants of Future Shapers Open day will be further invited to ability test which will focus on assessing English language proficiency, IQ, EQ and Analytical skills. The test will last for 1 hr and include 35 questions. The test will be held via online proctored tool and all participants will have a chance to choose the language they prefer (Azerbaijani or English).

Business simulation

As a result of ability test, 100 top students will join a business simulation where they will have a chance to test their analytical ability and decision making skills in a risk free milieu, reflect on the results obtained in each simulation run and improve for the next run. The experiential learning methodology adopted in this simulation includes in-person feedback sessions carried out by the instructors at the end of each run. This allows participants to have immediate feedback on their decisions and prepare for the next simulation round. The simulation will be executed in rounds that mimic fiscal years. Participants will be divided into 20 teams with 5 participants in each and will manage their virtual companies that compete with each other in the simulated market. 4 rounds of simulation will be completed over a week. Two expert consultants will execute de-briefing sessions at the end of each round to ensure all participants reflect on their learnings and improve their thinking and strategies for the next round.